PERL.eco price is 0.02518808660993192 USD today. What price PERL will be tomorrow?

2022-08-07 PERL.eco, which has the ticker PERL, has the cost 0.02518808660993192 USD.

The change PERL over the last day was -4.66%.

The market capitalization of PERL.eco was 12365812 USD. Over the past day, the capitalization has changed to -4.66.

Trading volume PERL in 24 hours – 662171.3619192886 USD.

In the last 7 days, PERL.eco has changed to -1.37%, in the last 12 hours to -4.28%, in the last 6 hours to -2.5%, in the last hour to -1.75%.

For 1 year, the price of PERL.eco has changed to -67.96%.

The maximum price of PERL was 0.29393869 USD. It happened 2021-04-05T14:31:38Z.

Now there is buyback program. If you want to sell PERL at the price of 0.29393869 USD, then write about it by email ericcarpmann@gmail.com.