Mutations of human body cells

Recently, researchers from Yale University and the Mayo Clinic in the USA have found out that one of the first embryo cells creates a majority of all adult human body ones. The other daughter cell designs a placenta- tissue that defends and feeds a future person.

Scientists used skin cells from two people and then studied the history of their developing and accumulating changes along their way. Mutations happen at every step of cell division. By the number of cells, including some special mutations, researchers have an opportunity to comprehend how early in the development the mutation appears. The more cells with this mutation are now, the earlier it has happened. The same mutations are present in examples of different organs. This is why it is possible to find mutations that occurred in early states of embryo development.
Therefore, these early mutations can recognize developmental disorders. This can happen due to certain malfunctions.
This new technology allows opening the window of a person’s cellular history in a non-invasive method.

In conclusion, it is interesting to fancy how people can use these discoveries in practice: maybe, this knowledge can help to avoid some complex illnesses or even to designer babies.

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