BitGuild PLAT Price Changed by 12.39 percent. Scam BitGuild PLAT or not?

As at 2020-09-14 average BitGuild PLAT price is $0.000338, 0.00000003 BTC, 0.00000092 ETH.

BitGuild PLAT average change within 24 hour is 12.39 percent against USDT, 0 against BTC, 13.58 against ETH. Weekly report: -11.56 percent against USD, -25 against BTC, -16.36 against ETH. Monthly report: 67.18 percent against USD, 50 against BTC, 95.24 against ETH.

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24 hour trading volume is $11 155.28 or 0.991198 BTC. At the same time BitGuild PLAT market capitalization is $20 111.00 or $1.000000 BTC.

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