Ampleforth Price Changed by -1.7 percent. Scam Ampleforth or not?

As at 2020-11-12 average Ampleforth price is $1.191663, 0.000074 BTC, 0.002577 ETH.

Ampleforth average change within 24 hour is -1.7 percent against USDT, -4.27 against BTC, -2.05 against ETH. Weekly report: -5.34 percent against USD, -12.2 against BTC, -15.87 against ETH. Monthly report: 46.71 percent against USD, 4.03 against BTC, 19.1 against ETH.

Ampleforth AMPL/USDT on FTX exchange is 1.18 USD. The trading volume on FTX is 10759.97 USD.

At the same time Ampleforth AMPL/WETH on Bamboo Relay exchange is 1.31 USD. The trading volume on Bamboo Relay is 525.51 USD.

24 hour trading volume is $1 371 168.52 or 85.63 BTC. At the same time Ampleforth market capitalization is $126 432 836.00 or $7 895.00 BTC.

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