Manual: 5-30% daily earnings on Binance. Training per hour.

Hello everyone!
Do you want to stop losing on Binance and finally start making money? Then read on.
My name is Eric Karpmann and I have been trading on Binance since its inception. I have over 15 years of experience in both the stock and crypto markets.
Today, for the readers of Tompkins Journal, I am posting one of my simplest trading strategies.
This article will be helpful if you:
-spending deposits insanely
-trade at random
-trade following the advice of strangers
-you have experience of losing trades
-do not know the entry and exit points
-do not have trading experience and do not know where to start
-want dollar income and financial independence
After reading this manual, you will finally start earning on the Binance crypto exchange and stop mindlessly draining money, provide yourself with a stable income in USDT, buy what you wanted and forget about the volatility of the national currency.
All beginners are faced with the fact that they do not know where to start, what minimum knowledge is needed for trading.
“Experienced” traders tell them that they need to read books on fundamental and technical analysis and that learning can take years.
In this regard, a beginner often succumbs to temptation and clings to everything: he starts trading “by chat”, looking for some “signals”, listening to the advice of completely strangers, or trading at random. It all ends the same way: mindless entry into positions destroys the beginner’s money.
Then comes either a complete disappointment in crypto trading, or a new replenishment of the balance, and, if the same “strategy” is followed, the subsequent loss of money.
Today I will tell you about one of my strategies that I started with. Yes, it didn’t seem to you, I’ll tell you about it right in this manual and completely free of charge. Without any requests, calls, etc.
It is very easy to understand, anyone who has ever opened Binance will understand it. However, it is also the most labor-intensive and requires a good reaction. This is scalping. Strategy – which implies short transactions, literally for a few minutes or seconds.
Let’s just say that literally immediately after reading this manual, you will be able to stop trading thoughtlessly and start earning several percent of the deposit per day, and maybe several dozen. That is, if you have $100 on your balance, you can earn $5-30 a day, if you have $1,000, you can earn $50-300 a day, and if you have $10,000, you can earn $500-3,000 a day, etc.
Let’s start!
Each graph has a waveform. After a strong fall there is a rise, after a strong rise there is a correction. This happens absolutely always, and this is especially evident in the example of cryptocurrencies.

The rises after the falls are scanty, and sometimes they reach up to 10 percent at a time.
A couple of examples with percentages.

Such fluctuations occur hundreds or even thousands of times a day. Each swing is a trade, the more you catch them in a day, the more income you will get. Income is unlimited if you react quickly.
Our task sounds simple – enter “from below” and exit with a profit on the rise in a few minutes.
How to do it? I explain below. If you don’t understand how to work with Binance at all, write to telegram @ericcarpmann or email [email protected] and get advice. Also, by contacting me you can learn more about passive income and other trading methods.
To solve this problem, the very popular MACD indicator will help us. It is very common in the world and is even built into the standard Binance terminal, so we don’t have to go far, we will trade immediately on Binance without intermediaries.
First we need to configure the optimal view for us.
Go to the page for trading any coin, for example here.
Select to display the Tradingview chart

Next, select the MACD indicator and turn it on in your terminal under the chart like this:

So, under the main chart, we get such an indicator

It clearly shows us the overbought and oversold conditions of the coin at the current time. If the indicator scale is too low, it is oversold; if it is too high, it is overbought.
This will be our key to determining the entry and exit points.
With each sharp drop in the chart, we must understand that at the moment the coin is sufficiently oversold, and after that we can already buy it. When the coin is oversold, the MACD noticeably deviates below zero (line in the middle). When a coin is overbought, the MACD is well above zero. Large chart deviation + large MACD deviation = our desired entry point.
I’ll show you with an example:

In this screenshot above, we can see that the price of the coin is falling along with the MACD. It dropped well below its usual range and below zero, visually it becomes obvious that the coin is oversold and now a rise may follow. And so it happens. We enter on a dip and get more than 1 percent up.How to know where to get off? Also on the MACD indicator.When it is close to zero (not later) you need to close the position and take profit.

Unlike the chart, the MACD indicator will sooner or later reach zero, so we always know exactly the exit point – we exit closer to zero, that is, the line in the middle.
Now let’s try to make a profit in real time.
First we need to find coins that are falling right here and now.
Of course, you can do it manually, but I use the Candleboard panel
It displays all the falling (and, if necessary, growing) coins on binance in 30 seconds, a minute and 3 minutes. The best option for scalping.
It looks like this:

By clicking on the found coin, the system immediately sends us to binance to the desired page.
So let’s set up our Candleboard to show us drops of 1% or more and only show coins that are falling against USDT (to be pegged to the dollar)

Ready! Now we can relax and not search manually, but just wait for the system to show us the falling coins that we will trade.
You can get access to the Candleboard panel by writing to me in telegram @ericcarpmann or by mail [email protected].
So let’s recap. We need to find a coin that is currently falling, and which has a markedly large drop in the MACD scale, which I explained above. We do this either manually or with the help of special programs, in my case it is Candleboard.
So, the first signal came from the Candleboard

We take any random coin that we like best, for example ANY
We click on it and the system immediately sends us to the desired page in Binance
If you are looking for falling coins by hand, the meaning does not change, the main thing is not to lose the moment.

As you can see, the conditions are right for us, the MACD is deep down, the chart is also falling, which means it’s time for a slight rise.
We quickly buy ANY for the required amount and wait until the MACD starts to approach zero (horizontal line)

We wait and fix the profit of about 0.40%.
Not bad for a start, right? In just a couple of minutes, we have a ready-made profit of 0.4% on hand. And if we traded with x10 leverage, then the profit would be all 4%.
You can make at least 10-20 such transactions per hour, and several times more per day.
Here’s another example.
Candleboard caught falling RAMP coin
We switch to RAMP and see this situation.

It looks quite tempting and we go into it for any amount we want.
We wait until the MACD rises closer to zero, and after just a few minutes.

We have a profit of 1 percent or 10 percent with x10 leverage.
So, if you understand what I have explained here, congratulations, soon you will be able to buy what you dreamed about and multiply what you have.

Hundreds and thousands of such transactions take place every day. If you start now, then in a very short time you will feel what real profit is.
Most importantly, keep an eye on the MACD indicator.
To get access to the Candleboard panel, write to telegram @ericcarpmann or email [email protected]. In addition, by contacting me, you can get information about passive ways to earn money.
Good luck in trading!
Author: Eric Karpmann, practicing trader-analyst. The material was written for the site Copying material without reference to the primary source is prohibited.