About our project

Modern community is very dynamical. Something is happening, changing or getting renewed all the time. New records are being hit and yet another celebrities’ intrigue gets revealed. Such an abundance of events makes it hard for an everyman to follow the news. Dispersion of information on various portals turns out to be a problem, too. That’s why a modern Internet user often has to use several sites at the same times, but this often appears to be inconvenient. Trendy people start looking for a place where they can be abreast of news of all the areas they are interested in.

Tompkinsjournal.com is one of sites of such sort. It is a project designed to let general public users satisfy their hunger for information. Our wonderful resource published news and articles of various categories. Everyone will find something interesting here, everyone from an automobilist to nanotechnologist, from housewife to business-lady, from a first-grader to a hoarhead. In addition, the visitor s can discuss an interesting article with the others or to express their point of view with the help of comments.

Tompkinsjournal.com project unites people who have similar interests and allows them to have a rest and talk to like-minded people. The site is constantly updated; interesting articles with colorful pictures will cheer you up and entertain your leisure!

If you have any suggestions, wishes or remarks regarding site’s operation, mail to or info@tompkinsjournal.com.